What I Did On My Vacation (or What Painting Means to Me)

Conceptually, I see painting as an organic proposition - a material organization that within its nature has the potential to address the psychology of the human condition.

The mind is wired with the predisposition to create reflections of itself. To express and reexamine itself time and time again. The act of painting, it seems, was invented to satisfy symbolically the desires of the collective unconscious.

I am most interested in this primal behavior, the ability to be in-touch with a fundamental archetype of expression.

Regardless of the form my work takes, the foundation is a psychological one a purely unreasonable motivation to paint free of a calculated process or predetermined conclusions Free Painting.

In establishing a conduit for the unconscious mind and by using improvisation as a technical strategy I am drawn to a direct experience with the Enigma of Painting.

To then engage a viewer on a personal level, with the experience of our collective unconscious and its symbiotic nature, is perhaps the ultimate by product of the Act of Painting.